2022 In Review, 2023 Ahoy

4 books against a purple background: Angels Found; Holtondome; Dragon Assassin; One Man's Trash

As with every year, 2022 had its ups and downs, but I'd like to reflect on the good book-related things that happened, with the hope of doing even better in 2023.

My contributions to the boatload of great novels published by author across the world last year included:

The original plan was to publish the remainder of the Z-Tech Chronicles by October 2022, but, well, life happens. Still, four books in one year. Not bad!

And 2023 is looking even better. I'm Planningâ„¢ at a minimum:

The third and final book of Timeless Keeper Saga may show in 2023, but no promises. There also may or may not be a free novelette coming for Lost Colonies. 😉

For up-to-the-minute information on my upcoming works, my current projects page has all the latest.

Reading-wise... wow, I didn't realize the list was this long. Check out my 2022 reviews for any of the books below:

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Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2023!