Author Interview with Nancy Wood

"Nancy Wood: Meet Ryan Southwick"

Nancy Wood, author of the Shelby McDougall Mysteries, was kind enough to interview me about, well... a lot of things, including my writing process, Angels in the Mist, and The Z-Tech Chronicles series in general.

Here's a snippet:

What’s your writing schedule? Do you have a favorite place to write?
I wake up early just so I can do some writing before work, and I’ll write all weekend if my schedule allows. The only time I won’t write is after about 9 pm, when my brain shuts off. It’s the same rule I apply to programming. A friend of mine once said that late at night was when he wrote all his bugs. I find the same is true with writing, so no matter how much I want to continue, I close Scrivener when my concentration starts to wane and save it for the next day.
My favorite place to write is in my comfy chair in front of my computer desk. It’s in the dining room where everyone else hangs out, which is great. I love writing, but I love my family, too. Plus it’s near the snack cupboard.

You can check out the entire interview here:

Thanks again, Nancy!