Author Spotlight - Morgan Chalut

Photo: Morgan Chalut

Morgan Chalut lives in Dallas, Texas with her delightfully handsome and silly, charming, supportive and lovely husband, Philip. They have two dogs together: Caramel, who absolutely wants to be your friend, and Sammie, who very definitely does not. Morgan has been writing since she learned that just anyone was allowed to do that; it wasn’t illegal or anything! While it didn’t slow down her talking, it at least gave her parents and six older siblings a break once in a while. She hopes to continue to discover characters and worlds she can plot and explore.

Q: What inspired you to write Seeker?

A: Truly, I started Seeker as a writing project to learn how to better describe scenery. I don’t have great visualization, so I had these no-name people standing on a hill and I described a town in detail. As they went through the town, they needed a reason to be there and each step they took added to the story. By the time Whitman Acres showed up, the story was rolling and I was along for the ride.

Q: What would you like readers to know about Seeker?

A: Every person in my story has far more to them than I’ve had the pleasure to show you. I imagine life is much the same, and one of its many pleasures is in discovering those quirks and habits and allergies and interests of everyone you meet.

Book cover: Seeker by Morgan Chalut

Donovan would prefer to die in his bed, but circumstances might force him to do otherwise.

Seeker (The Unwoven Tapestry Book 1) is Morgan's debut fantasy novel, and is available now from all your favorite retailers.