Book Review: Building Baby Brother

Book cover: Building Baby Brother by Steven Radecki

Building Baby Brother is what happens when 2001: A Space Odyssey meets a contemporary children’s bedtime story that’s really meant for adults. The protagonist (“Dad”) is a single father sharing custody of his young son with his frigid ex-wife. He’s also a programmer/inventor, so, naturally, when his son asks for a baby brother, Dad makes him one.

At the risk of spoiling it for some, no, Dad does NOT end up shooting through psychedelic space to escape a murderous AI with a soothing yet creepy voice.

Dad does, however, get to explore the similarities (and differences) between raising a son and, well, something he created. Yes, he created his son, but not created created… You know what I mean. The book addresses this conundrum and others with thoughtful, deliberate pace, expertly woven through a heartwarming father/son tale.

If you’re looking for a cyber-ish book with a squishy soft side, Building Baby Brother is a quick, engaging read, and will definitely fit the bill.