Book Review: Night Broken

Book cover: Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

Mercy is back and, I’m happy to say, in top form. Night Broken picks up the series from Frost Burned’s dip. Mercy faces her most daunting foe to date: Adam’s ex-wife, Christy. Sure, Christy brings with her a primal foe whose threatens the world in biblical proportions, but, compared to Christy's Suzy Homemaker cooking skills, the legacy respect she carries with members of Adam’s pack, and her natural, helpless state that triggers the protective instincts of every werewolf for miles around, Mercy is left with few allies in a pack who already detest the Alpha’s mate being a fragile non-werewolf.

On top of dealing with Christy’s advances on her husband, the insufferable woman’s muscling in on her territory, and Christy’s psychotic ex-boyfriend, Mercy learns that her mysterious walking stick has a rightful owner—and no surprise, he’s a force to be reckoned with. He wants it back in an I’ll-level-a-city-if-you-don’t-give-it-to-me kind of way.

But Mercy has a small problem: she doesn’t have it. She gave it to Coyote, hoping he could tame the increasingly blood-thirsty fae artifact, but Coyote appears to whom he will, when he will, and Mercy isn’t on his list.

Night Broken is a treat of new mystical creatures, lore, and challenges to Mercy and Adam’s unusual relationship in a world turned upside down by increasing fae unrest. Pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed.