Book Review: River Marked

Book cover: River Marked by Patricia Briggs

River Marked is another great novel in the series. Briggs takes us along with Mercy and Adam on their honeymoon to a campsite far from home, where they have the entire, glorious place to themselves.

Of course, Mercy can’t go anywhere without trouble following her like a were-puppy. This particular trouble also affects several Native American tribes, which thankfully gives Mercy (and us) a glimpse of her family origins, as well as insights into tribe lore, replete with Briggs’ fae twists, and some fascinating big, new players. The stakes are, as usual, bigger than just Mercy and Adam, with tough moral questions that had me truly scratching my head about how I would handle the same situations.

Mercy, too, continues her evolution from fiercely independent to fiercely in love, trying to find that balance between making a relationship work and not losing her identity—a feat made difficult by her extremely alpha werewolf husband, who, despite his instincts, is trying hard to meet her in the middle.

If you’re a Mercy Thompson fan, this is an absolute must-read.