Book Review: Seeker

Book cover: Seeker by Morgan Chalut

Seeker has all my favorites aspects of epic fantasy: an engaging and varied cast of characters, a wonderfully developed world, and a unique magic system that is balanced, well defined, and bursting with possibility.

This first book of The Unwoven Tapestry series introduces Donovan, a grizzled veteran mage who doesn’t like to fight, and couldn’t if he wanted to because he’s more apt to cut himself than the enemy with his blade. His life experience more than makes up for it, however. That and his companion, Lucas, who actually CAN fight.

Which is good because the evil, bloodmage-like Hunters are after the same target Donovan and Lucas are: a stable boy with heart and a spirit of adventure. But they’re seeking him (ha ha) for very different reasons.

The story continues down many roads, where new characters are introduced with regular cadence. The dialogue is sharp and witty between the entire cast, who are rich of personality and their own goals that they may or may not be willing to reveal. The story wraps nicely, but leaves no doubt that a sequel is nigh, leaving tantalizing hints of what’s in store for our heroes next.

If you like witty, well-balanced fantasy, I definitely recommend this, and I can’t wait for Book 2.