Book Review: Sinera

Book cover: Sinera by J Dark. Woman standing outside an office door

Sinera is one of my favorite characters from the Glass Bottles Series, so as you can imagine, I was thrilled when I discovered she had an entire book dedicated to her. It’s a short book (novelette), but gives great insight into a very complex elf with a quiet but deadly chip on her shoulder.

Sinera tells the story of how she first met one of my other favorite characters, Fern Fatelli of Fatelli Investigations, and first came into her employ, giving wonderful clues into her complex past and what drives her. As usual, Dark’s characters practically leap off the page with vibrant interactions, witty dialogue, and amazing descriptions that make it easy to forget you’re reading a book and not battling the evils of Underhill.

New to The Glass Bottles series? This book is a great introduction, and if you’ve already read the series, it will draw you back into Dark’s unique world of Magick like a fairy to mushrooms.