Book Review: Storm Front

Audiobook cover: Storm Front by Jim Butcher

I first started Storm Front several years ago. I don’t think I made it past the first chapter before quietly yawning and moving on to another book.

This time, I listened to the audiobook narrated by James Marsters and wow! I honestly don’t know whether I just hadn’t given it a chance the first time or if Marsters’ performance was really that stellar, but I do know that I’ll be picking up Fool Moon, also narrated by Marsters, very soon.

I really appreciated Butcher’s attention to detail. At no time did I need to wonder what Harry was thinking, but neither was every inane decision explained in excruciating detail, like in some books. It’s a detective novel, so of course the scenes and character descriptions were rich in detail. Normally I roll my eyes at such a thing, but Butchers prose and turn of phrase made them enjoyable.

The characters—including Harry—felt stereotyped for the genre, which detracted a bit from the enjoyment, but there were plenty of them, each with their own motives, that made up for it. The number of female stereotypes also became grating after a while, especially in today’s light. I’m hoping this changes soon, else I doubt I’ll make it past the next 2 books.

But darn it, Marsters makes it worth the gamble.