Character Spotlight: Cappa

Woman with flowing hair in a blue blouse and khakis, hand outstretched, a chi glow around it

Name: Cappa Z

Series: The Z-Tech Chronicles

Occupation: Chief Operations Officer at Z-Tech

Enneagram Type: 3 - Achiever

Gender identity: Female

Age: Appears 30

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: Appears 138 lbs.

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Blue

Complexion: Fair with pink undertones

Q & A

What is your perfect day?

Oh my! Let's see... Breakfast with everyone in the factory kitchen, where they compliment my wonderful cooking. Solving a complex research problem that's been plaguing Charlie for weeks and having him thank me — profusely. Winning every round of the thirteen online poker tournaments I'm currently playing in (I've only done that once before and am overdue for another lucky streak). Taking the proceeds and blowing it all on a shopping trip with Anne and Doris. In Milan. Oh, I would love to see Milan... Or anyplace, really, since I've never traveled anywhere outside of San Francisco. Maybe next year I'll talk Charlie into a trip to Los Angeles. I'd love to shop Rodeo Drive and do the Walk of the Stars... Sorry, did that answer your question?

If you could be any fantasy figure or creature, what or who would you pick and why?

The Greek goddess Aphrodite, without the cheating. I like the idea of being that spark who brings couples together. Being adored by everyone isn't bad, either!

Manual or automatic transmission?

Does it really matter? I learned to drive a manual in 7 minutes flat, but constantly pushing the clutch is just one more opportunity to snag the hem of my dress. From that perspective, I guess I'd choose automatic. (Is this really the last question? You don't want to know any more about me? Well, would you at least come by next week for a visit? I'll make sandwiches and give you a tour of the factory! Please?)