December 99¢ sale

All titles on sale for $0.99 (USD) through Dec 31, 2023.

10 book covers by Ryan Southwick. "99¢c each through Dec 31"

Water Dragon Publishing put my books on sale for 99¢ through the end of the year, so I did the same! Through December 31, 2023, all of my e-books are only 99¢, including my latest release, New Denver (Timeless Keeper Saga Book 2).

Timeless Keeper Saga

In a dome city on a war-ravaged Earth, Fi exposes Seg to a universe he could never have imagined. The Timeless Keeper Saga is a sci fi dystopian thriller series that keeps you guessing from the very first chapter.

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The Z-Tech Chronicles

Looking to sink your fangs into a contemporary techno-vampire thriller? The Z-Tech Chronicles has you covered.

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One Man's Trash

Snuggle into your favorite pillow with One Man's Trash, a cozy sci fi romance set on a zany space station in the middle of the galaxy.

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Dragon Assassin

Crank the dial to "steamy" with Dragon Assassin, a modern-day paranormal romance adventure featuring a half-dragon shifter, hated by both worlds, who experiences wild lust love for the very first time.

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