Exclusive Interview: The Intimidating Ambassador Hausen

Superbloom. Enigma release date and early days. Anne interviews Ambassador Hausen. Upcoming live book events in the Bay Area.

Intimidating soldier in red against a starscape looking at a purple planet and moon

The superbloom in Pacifica this year was, well... super! The pic below is from Mori Point, looking north up the coast toward San Francisco. The pier is just visible in the distance. Sadly no whale sightings, but we hope to catch them during the next migration.

A blanket of yellow flowers with ocean, shore, and a pier behind.
Superbloom at Mori Point, Pacifica

Readers Take Denver left such a sour taste this year that they've up and canceled 2025, despite the article's claim to the latter. I'm sad because it was to be my first big reader convention, but on the other hand, it sounds like a plasma bolt dodged, so... yay? We're now considering Imaginarium 2025 in DC, which has a great reputation. Maybe I'll see you there!

Happy to announce that Enigma has a firm release date of June 12th! I've engaged a marketing team to help publicize before and after the launch, which will include a lot of fun materials. Digital pre-orders are now available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and hopefully soon on Apple Books.

Speaking of, I found the original document of Enigma in a random folder the other day. Create date was 2019! The first title was Future Magic, named after a very old Electronic Arts video game that captivated me on my Tandy 1000 EX. I then changed it to Star Crossed and even made a cover, which I probably shouldn't share because I didn't license the artwork. As the universe took form, however, the name of the planet where most of the story takes place (Enigma) felt most appropriate for the title. Lost Colonies was the natural series name because of its central role and the protagonist's passion for the Alliance's mission.

Lastly, it's Character Crossover time! This month's feature is an interview between Anne Perrin from The Z-Tech Chronicles and Ambassador Hausen from the Lost Colonies. Hausen plays a critical role in Enigma despite his modest screen time. See how our unassuming waitress handles the ambassador's severe demeanor. =]

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Character Crossover Interview

Anne x Hausen

Anne from The Z-Tech Chronicles interviews Ambassador Hausen from the Lost Colonies.

Welcome to Anne's crossover debut! Her first interviewee may be too tough a nut for even our enigmatic heroine to crack. Can her witty charm overcome the ambassador's disciplined upbringing? Let's find out!


ANNE: Welcome, Ambassador! I must say, you're larger and more, um, armored than I expected.

HAUSEN: And what exactly did you expect? Who are you? Where am I?

ANNE: Oh, forgive me! I'm Anne Perrin, and you're on Earth. We brought—

HAUSEN: (stands) A trap! Finish me now and be done with it, Uu'nok thrall. You will not get any information from me!

ANNE: Whoa, hang on there big fella! No one is going to finish anyone, least of all me. I couldn't throw a punch for all the ice cream in the world. We brought you here for a friendly chat, that's all. The boys say we only have enough power to anchor you here for a few minutes, so you'll be returning to your own dimension-universe-thingy soon anyway. Might as well enjoy the time we have together, right?


ANNE: Britta told us that none of the Colonies have ever been to Earth. Would you like to see it?

HAUSEN: You know Britta?

ANNE: I didn't meet her myself, but Cappa says she's lovely and very spirited.

HAUSEN: She is, like a fresh breeze on a stifling summer day.

ANNE: How do you know her?

HAUSEN: She has visited Vice on several occasions, where I had the pleasure of her company, however brief. I look forward to getting to know her better during the upcoming Lost Colonies Alliance summit. This will be her first time attending as Galileo's official Ambassador. Quite an accomplishment for one so young.

ANNE: That sounds exciting!

HAUSEN: It will most likely be boring and unproductive, but someone must go.

ANNE: Surely your colony hopes to gain something, else why attend?

HAUSEN: And I should tell you so you may pass it along to Galileo and negate our advantage. Do not take me for a fool.

ANNE: I have no intention of betraying you or Britta. You won't remember anything we discuss today, just like she didn't. But if you need further convincing... (opens the curtains)

HAUSEN: (gasps) Is that...?

ANNE: San Francisco. It must seem primitive next to your cities, huh?

HAUSEN: I have never seen anything more glorious.

ANNE: Gotta say, that doesn't give me much hope for the future, though it is a pretty cool town.

HAUSEN: This is our ancestral home, lost to the Uu'nok for 10,000 years. It is precious beyond measure. Returning to Earth is my people's dream. We have tailored every aspect of our society to become hardened warriors for the Final Battle, where we shall at last reclaim what the Uu'nok stole.

ANNE: Oh, well, that sounds, um... intense. How's that going for you?

HAUSEN: We lack but one component—the very technology Galileo withholds: Their space fold engines. Without it, we have no means of reaching Earth to deliver our long-awaited justice.

ANNE: I see. So you're hoping to convince Galileo to hand it over during the summit.

HAUSEN: In essence.

ANNE: Can't believe I'm suggesting this, but why not just take it?

HAUSEN: For the same reason we have not returned to Earth. Vice is 26,000 lightyears from Galileo. Without faster-than-light capabilities, it would take hundreds of generations to even reach them.

ANNE: (gulps) And, um, is that the only reason you haven't? Please tell me it isn't.

HAUSEN: My dear, we are warriors, not barbarians. Our fellow colonies may be the only remnants of humanity left. We escaped extinction against impossible odds. Our thirst for justice does not exceed the desire for our species to thrive.

ANNE: Ah, that's good to know, at least. So tell me about your planet. Vice, right?

HAUSEN: Correct. It is named after the colony ship that settled it. During The Exodus, colonists sorted themselves among the nine available ships according to their core beliefs. CS Vice carried those who were not content to simply survive the Uu'nok invasion, but vowed to one day return as the stronger race.

ANNE: The bigger fish, so to speak.

HAUSEN: With jaws of merciless steel. We have forged ourselves into weapons to match the Uu'nok's bloodthirst. Our colony is divided into Houses who constantly vie for dominance through war exercises and mortal competitions. Mine has the honor of being the lead House at present, but that could change at any time.

ANNE: Mortal? As in... deadly?

HAUSEN: Of course. Our enemy is fearsome, and so our warriors must be fearless. It is the only way.

ANNE: Well, now I know where I won't be vacationing—not that I travel. Like, at all. Ahem! Depressing territory, Anne, bring it back.

HAUSEN: What is your occupation, if I may ask?

ANNE: Me? Oh, I'm a... a waitress. Or "server," to be PC, but I'm old enough to be fine with either.

HAUSEN: And you are trusted with an inter-dimensional travel device?

ANNE: I'm trusted with people, Ambassador, just like you and Britta are.

HAUSEN: I would say so. You and she have much in common.

ANNE: I'll take that as a compliment! Now, if I don't ask a few personal questions, Cappa will never cook for me again. Is there a Mrs. Ambassador in your life? Or are you saving yourself for Britta?

HAUSEN: Ancestors preserve me, no! I am old enough to be her father.

ANNE: Er, that was just a joke.

HAUSEN: Oh, yes, of course. Ahem! I have a wife, two sons, and a daughter.

ANNE: What's your wife like?

HAUSEN: Strong, as a warrior should be, and a gifted tactician who has brought many victories to our House.

ANNE: Oh my! She sounds a lot like—

ZIMA: (bursts into the room) (stares at Hausen)

ANNE: Speak of the she-devil. Hi, Zima, your timing is perfect.

ZIMA: Evidently not. He is already here.

ANNE: You were busy. I didn't see any reason to wait.

ZIMA: Did he hurt you?

HAUSEN: I would never assault an innocent!

ANNE: And despite that false assumption, no, he didn't hurt me. Have a seat, Zima, we were just getting to your bailiwick. He's from a warrior colony. His wife is a tactician!

ZIMA: All the more reasons for you to have waited for me. (sits) Are you armed?

HAUSEN: Always.

ZIMA: Then your hands shall remain in your lap for the duration of your stay. This is your only warning. Now, I wish to know more about your wife. In which tactical areas does she specialize? And how do her skills complement your own?

HAUSEN: Straight to the point. I can respect that. Wilmena is a master of battlefield strategy, but she lacks the patience for negotiations, which is a crucial component in any war. That is where she leans on me and, frankly, is the reason I received an ambassadorial appointment. Together we are quite a force.

ANNE: (elbows Zima) Sound familiar?

ZIMA: Yes, I now very much wish to meet her. I have many questions about her perspective on their relationship. I would also like to test her tactical expertise.

HAUSEN: Wilmena would enjoy that also, although I may live a perfectly happy life not knowing her true thoughts on our relationship.

ANNE: Touché! So I have to ask about your armor. Do you wear it as part of your ambassadorial duties? Is it functional or just for show?

ZIMA: I would also like to know its ballistic tolerance and other resistive properties.

HAUSEN: Vicean warriors wear armor from the day they earn the right to be called so. It is a symbol of our achievement and devotion to the cause, as well as a message to all that we are always ready: we will not be caught unawares again. As for its protective properties, I am not at liberty to divulge that information. You understand.

ANNE: That's a stark contrast to the peaceful stance of Galileo. How do you intend to reconcile your dramatically different position with Britta?

HAUSEN: That remains to be seen. Her predecessor was wisened and already set in his ways. Britta's youth may present different opportunities, but I will not know for certain until we face each other at the negotiating table.

ZIMA: Based upon Cappa's conversation with her, I do not favor your chances.

HAUSEN: I hope for the sake of any humans remaining on our version of Earth that you are wrong.

ANNE: Wow, that got heavy in a hurry. Maybe this is a good place to wrap it up and end the interview on a—

HAUSEN: (vanishes in a flash of light)

ANNE: —positive note. (sighs) You could've warned me he was about to disappear.

ZIMA: And you could have waited for me before you began.

ANNE: Okay! I'm sorry for starting early. I didn't think you would mind since Cappa says you don't seem to enjoy these interviews. Forgive me?

ZIMA: Of course. And to be clear, missing the interview is not the core of the issue. I wanted us to do it together.

ANNE: Aren't you sweet! Come on, let me make it up to you over ice cream.

ZIMA: As you wish.

— END —

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Book Sales and Events

  • June 1-2 – Bay Area Book Festival. Meet authors and publishers from all over the world, including Water Dragon Publishing and me!
  • June 12 – Project Xerxes and Enigma release. Let the countdown begin!
  • July 4-7 – BayCon 2024: Pure Imagination. The Bay Area's biggest sci fi convention is back and under new management. Spotlight this year is Women in STEM. I'll be at Water Dragon's table here, too, so stop on by!

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Finished! In a word, Scythe was great, and YA isn’t usually my thing—and it was very YA. Yet, despite a level of predictability, it touched upon so many modern concerns with insight and satisfying conclusion that I couldn’t help cheering along.

Scythe paints a world where humans are immortal, their every need taken care of by a unifying AI (I did say modern concerns!) known as the Thunderhead. The problem is that people are still reproducing. Given that exo-planet colonies failed and Earth has only so much room, its solution was to create an order known as the Scythes who operate outside of the Thunderhead’s jurisdiction with the sole purpose of controlling the population.

The story alternates perspective between Citra and Rowen, two Scythe apprentices who would rather be anywhere else. Training sequence fans won’t be disappointed. Shusterman pulls an admirable enemies-to-lovers romance plot that doesn’t draw out too long or become riddled with “misunderstandings” that normally make me want to shake the clueless protagonists right off the pages.

The pièce de résistance, in my opinion, is Shusterman’s portrayal of the antagonist, Goddard. He’s cartoonish in his narcissism and megalomania, and yet this unbelievable personality I might have laughed at 10 years ago has somehow crawled off the pages to become a frightening reality. The way the author handled it was… satisfying, in a monstrous way, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel relief that justice had been done.

‘nuff said. Grab it if you’re looking for something to read. You won’t be disappointed.

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