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Holiday plans. Armenians in spaaaace! December book sale. An in-depth look at the worlds of the Lost Colonies, including a galaxy map.

"Introducing the Lost Colonies". Two planets with dark space background.
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Our new housemate is settling in great. She's a foodie, like me, so it's been fun taking her to all my favorite restaurants. Christmas will be our regular Santa Maria trip, except everyone is excited to meet the newest family member. Can't wait!

Before I get into book stuff, you may recall a Falcon 9 rocket launch on Dec 1st, coincidentally from Vandenberg Space Force Base near my home town. Among other satellites was Hayasat-1, Armenia's first domestic satellite to be launched into space. This has special significance to me because my company, HyeTech, worked closely with Bazoomq to make this happen. Congrats to the entire Bazoomq team! You can read more about it here.

Okay, now let's talk fiction! Lots of great things for you this month.

First, all my e-books are on sale for 99¢ now through December 31st. If you've been waiting for an excuse to sink your fangs into the Z-Tech Chronicles, experience dome city life in the Timeless Keeper Saga, or take a romcom adventure to a space station in the middle of the galaxy in One Man's Trash, here it is. They also make great holiday gifts. Interested in signed copies? Reply to this email or send me a note. Each comes with fun swag.

When I first set out to write Enigma in 2019, I had never before attempted to create such a vast universe. I wanted it to be believable. To feel alive! When authors talk world building, they usually mean one world. This series would be five or more worlds. Each needed to be varied. Conflicted. Deep. Interesting. I knew that would require a lot of work, and boy was I right.

Today, I'm pleased to share the fruits of that work. This month's feature explores the worlds of the Lost Colonies Alliance. It includes a map showing where they are in the galaxy, their idiosyncrasies, challenges, and a brief history of how the colonies came to be.

In related news, Project Xerxes (A Lost Colonies Story) is nearing the final stage and will be ready for advanced readers soon. Enigma (Lost Colonies Book 1) will be fast on its heels. If you like space opera mixed with science fantasy and are willing to leave a review, sign up for my ARC team to receive free copies and be among the first to experience this deep and exciting new series.

Lastly, while waiting for feedback between drafts on the Lost Colonies, I began outlining Book 3 of the Timeless Keeper Saga. My gosh, I have a lot to cover. I was hoping to keep this series to a trilogy, but it may spill into a fourth book. I'll keep you updated.

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Explore the Lost Colonies

Map of the Milky Way Galaxy with pointers to Earth and each known colony
EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK of the galaxy map to be included in each book.

Enigma (Lost Colonies Book 1) introduces us to the four current members of the Lost Colonies Alliance: Galileo, Fortunus, Entropia, and Vice (the fates of the other five colony ships that fled Earth are yet to be discovered). The colonists for each ship were selected and grouped by their core beliefs, which 10,000 years of isolation from the other colonies has only amplified.

Today we'll explore a little about each colony, what makes them unique, and the challenges Ambassador Britta Silverstar may face during her crusade to unite them. We'll also see what information Galileo has gathered on the mysterious Enigma, and the state of their ancestral Earth.


Nine colony ships escaped Earth from the Uu’nok and scattered across the galaxy. Ten thousand years later, thanks to the recent advent of faster-than-light space fold travel, four of those ships have been accounted for. Despite their differences, they have banded together to form the Lost Colonies Alliance.

BC: Before Colonies
AC: After Colonies

10094 BC — First contact with the Uu’nok
9986 BC — Colony ships flee Earth (The Exodus)
5029 BC — Galileo Colony invents gravity tech
20 BC — First human successfully space folds
1 AC — Fortunus Colony discovered
3 AC — Entropia Colony discovered
7 AC — Vice Colony discovered
12 AC — Enigma discovered, Project Xerxes begins

"Galileo", desert planet to the left, starry background
Type: Desert
Satellites: None
Gravity: 0.93 Earth
Rotation period: 27 hours
Revolution period: 482 days
Water surface: 21%
Climate(s): Dry, hot, scorching
Native species: None
Population: 3.5 billion
Government: Democracy
Capital city: Nova Veritas
Ideals: Science, logic, pacifism
Colonizing ship: CS Galileo

Galileo is a desert planet where temperatures range from hot to inhospitable. Harsh sun, sparse clouds, an infrequent rain have darkened the colonists' skin over the last 10,000 years as a survival mechanism. No life existed prior to human arrival; what little greenery and fauna exists are the result of millennia of terraforming and concerted ecological effort.

Galileans value science and logic above all else, and are the most technologically advanced planet in the Lost Colonies Alliance. They were the first colony to perfect faster-than-light (FTL) travel after the Exodus, which has enabled the recent discovery of the other colonies. Pacifists by nature, they haven't shared the technology because they don't yet trust the other colonies to not weaponize it.

"Vice", green planet with starry background
Type: Terrestrial, Ocean
Satellites: 2
Gravity: 1.3 Earth
Rotation period: 25 hours
Revolution period: 301 days
Water surface: 69%
Climate(s): Tropical, temperate, continental
Native species: None
Population: 2.7 billion
Government: Military dictatorship
Capital city: Bastion
Ideals: Might makes right
Colonizing ship: CS Vice

Vice began lifeless, but an ideal chemical balance allowed moss and algae to proliferate across the globe, coloring the entire planet green. The colonists implanted aggressive predators and prolific prey, intentionally creating dangerous wilderness that have honed the inhabitants into rugged survivalists.

Might makes right; power is what you can take. Vicean society centers around preparing for The Final Battle, where they will return to Earth more powerful than the Uu'nok can possibly imagine to reclaim their ancestral home. Their civilization is divided into great Houses, ruled by the strongest families who are intentionally at constant war, determined to hone each other into foes the Uu'nok will fear. The leader of the strongest house is the High Warlord, respected and feared by all.

Type: Terrestrial, Ocean
Satellites: 3
Gravity: 1.1 Earth
Rotation period: 122 hours
Revolution period: 216 days
Water surface: 79%
Climate(s): Tropical, temperate, continental, polar
Native species: None
Population: 4 billion
Government: Anarchistic oligarchy
Capital city: Liberis
Ideals: Freedom, individuality
Colonizing ship: CS Entropy

Entropia boasts the most water of any colony, and is enviably the most Earth-like planet in the Lost Colonies Alliance. Temperatures range from polar-freezing to swim-in-your-clothes tropical, exacerbated by very long days and high global humidity. Like the other colonies, Entropia possessed no biological life prior to human arrival. However, prime conditions allowed the colonists to rapidly populate the planet with Earthen flora and fauna. Today, Entropia's continents are green forests and jungles filled with wildlife, its oceans teeming with aquatic life.

Sometimes called a kleptocracy, Entropia has fluctuated between anarchy and oligarchy for its entire existence, perpetuated by a powerful criminal underground. Piracy is common, bribes the norm. Society is dominated by a handful of powerful families who hold their riches close and stick to their own in a constant, silent war with the freedom-loving "criminal element."

"Fortunus", red-ish planet with snow and clouds
Type: Terrestrial, Ocean
Satellites: 1
Gravity: 1.15 Earth
Rotation period: 32 hours
Revolution period: 188 days
Water surface: 43%
Climate(s): Continental, polar
Native species: None
Population: 3 billion
Government: Corporatocracy
Capital city: Nexa Prosperia
Ideals: Wealth, commerce, capitalism
Colonizing ship: CS Fortune

Iron-rich dirt stains Fortunus red, marbled with snow from its cool-to-arctic temperatures that layer perpetual ice in many regions. Still, moderate rainfall and warm-ish summers enabled the colonists to seed life on this once-barren planet and support a population of three billion.

Donnant donnant. "You don't get nothing for nothing." That's the mantra Fortunians live by. Wealth is power. Hard work and clever bartering pave the road to prosperity for those with the stomach to play the ultimate game. Mega corporations have the most influence, but balanced laws enable new businesses to quickly flourish, creating an ever-changing competitive landscape that keeps the entire population on its toes.

"Enigma", green gaseous planet
Type: Terrestrial
Satellites: None
Gravity: 1.01 Earth
Rotation period: 23 hours
Revolution period: 410 days
Water surface: Unknown
Climate(s): Tropical, maybe others. Perpetual cloud cover.
Native species: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Government: Unknown
Capital city: Unknown
Ideals: Unknown
Colonizing ship: Unknown

Enigma earned its name because perpetual cloud cover obscures its surface from observation, and its strange technology-disabling properties make it difficult to survey, let alone access.

However, a daring reconnaissance mission by a lone agent has revealed the first possibility of alien life since the Uu'nok invaded Earth. Is it another colony? Or have they uncovered something worse than their ancient foes?

"Earth", picture of Earth
Type: Terrestrial, Ocean
Satellites: 1
Gravity: 1.0 Earth
Rotation period: 24 hours
Revolution period: 365 days
Water surface: 71%
Climate(s): Tropical, dry, temperate, continental, polar
Native species: Humans and many others
Population: Unknown
Government: Unknown
Capital city: Unknown
Ideals: Diverse
Colonizing ship: None

Even though the colonies fled Earth 10,000 years ago, humanity's homeworld remains the standard by which all other planets are measured. Little is known about Earth's fate and the billions of people the colony ships left behind. The savage Uu'nok may have slaughtered everyone and moved on, or enslaved the populace and taken up residence.

And they may never find out, for one thing every member of the Lost Colonies Alliance agrees upon is that folding back to Sol isn't worth the risk of giving away their location.

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I'm not huge on solely in-your-head narrative; inter-person relationships are more my thing. Combined with a largely logistics/physics/math-driven storyline where the narrator tells you he'll "spare you the math" but then spells it all out anyway, this would normally be sentenced to languish on my "in progress" list until I eventually gave up and declared it DNF.

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