Halloween Surprise? Hopefully

Pacifica, CA. Ocean view from the top of a cliff.

So close! I'd really, REALLY hoped to have a surprise for everyone this past Monday, but it still needs some tweaking. Should be able to share it very soon!

Hiked along the old Devil's Slide freeway along Highway 1 this past week. True to its name, the mountain kept sliding and closing the freeway down, sometimes for months at a time, forcing many to drive way down south if they actually wanted to go into the city or anyplace north. They eventually built a tunnel through the mountain to bypass the most treacherous stretch, and, much to our delight, turned the old stretch into a hiking trail, full of amazing views.

Among those is a car that went over the side who knows how many years ago. Someone spray painted an arrow with "Old car over the side" on the street for any who might have missed it.