Holtondome sold out at BayCon 2023

3 authors standing behind a table of books: "Small Publishing in a Big Universe Marketplace"
Left to Right: Ryan Southwick, Steven Radecki, Matt

Yeah, those two stacks of paperbacks on the left side of the table? Those were Holtondome and New Denver, and they were gone by the end of Day 3! Fortunately I had 2 more paperbacks of New Denver in stock, but I ended up selling a few Holtondome hardcovers for paperback prices because I felt guilty. Lesson learned for next time! Angels in the Mist and One Man's Trash also went over well. We sold all but one copy of each.

All in all, BayCon 2023 blew my expectations completely out of the water.

While the sales were a fantastic boost to my suffering ego, the absolute best part were the people. I took time to engage folks walking by the table, and was rewarded by getting to know some fascinating people. I also spent some wonderful time with authors who'd traveled from afar, such as Steven Brewer, who I'd only met online, as well as Pamela Pickering and J. L. Doty.

Favorite moment: On the last day, 5 minutes before we were about to pack up, a guy comes running up to the table and makes a bee-line for me. "I read your book last night [One Man's Trash]. I loved it! It also helped me work through some issues I'm having with my own science fiction book." And then he bought a Holtondome / New Denver bundle.

That is why I write.

I learned so much, and had such a great time interacting with attendees and my peers, that I would have been delighted even if I hadn't made a single sale.

A humungous thank you to everyone who made those 4 days an occasion I'll never forget. Already looking forward to BayCon 2024!