New Denver - Cover Reveal

Cover reveal for New Denver (Timeless Keeper Saga Book 2) coming this August! A few words on the inspiration behind the artwork.

Book cover: "New Denver: Timeless Keeper Saga Book Two". Futuristic city on fire among a barren, alien landscape.
Art by José del Nido

"Oops!" is the first word that comes to mind when I look at the cover for New Denver (Timeless Keeper Saga Book 2), but it's more than that. Even with their backs turned, each character appears to have different feelings about the destruction in front of them.

Can you guess the figure in the middle? All right, it's Fi! I won't lie that I had trouble imagining her hair even when writing Holtondome. I worked with a character artist before, who did a decent job, but José smashed it. The frosty-green color, the texture... that's Fi to a tee! The other two characters I won't comment on to avoid spoilers, but I bet you'll identify them not far into the story. Okay, maybe halfway through.

If the setting looks strange, it should. Where Holtondome takes place in a single location, New Denver ventures beyond the domes to new, incredible horizons. That's all I'm going to say. 😄

José once again made the process simple. I swear sometimes he can read my mind. Look for more of his great cover art in the future.

New Denver will be available for pre-order soon from your favorite retailers, with a targeted August release.