New Release Alert: "Enigma: Lost Colonies Book 1"

The science fantasy adventure Enigma is now available. Also check out the nifty new book trailer!

"Enigma" against a star background, with 6 cartoon characters in the fore.

I am excited to announce that my latest sci-fi and fantasy novel, "Enigma: Lost Colonies Book 1," is now available for purchase!

About the Book

"Enigma: Lost Colonies Book 1" transports readers to the year 10,184 A.D. where Britta, heir to the Silverstar legacy and the youngest ambassador in Galilean history, teams up with Crystal, the smartest scientist in ten generations. Together, these childhood friends embark on a perilous journey to thwart an insidious plot that threatens the survival of humanity across the galaxy.

A tragic drop-ship disaster leaves Britta stranded on the enigmatic planet's surface, while Crystal is left fleeing for her life. Each possesses a crucial piece of the puzzle to diffuse a plot that could annihilate the Lost Colonies Alliance. With time running out, Britta must navigate a treacherous landscape on a medieval world armed only with her prized hairpin, while Crystal races across the stars in a desperate mission to save her colony and clear her name.

Why You'll Love "Enigma"

  • True Science Fantasy: Combines the best elements of sci-fi and fantasy.
  • Intricate World-Building: Features 5 distinct worlds, each uniquely crafted.
  • Epic Quest and Wilderness Survival: An adventurous journey through untamed landscapes.
  • Space Travel and Medieval World: Merges futuristic exploration with ancient settings.
  • Strong Female Protagonists: Empowered women leading the charge.
  • Elemental Magic and Unique Alien Beasts: Magic-infused environments populated by unique, alien creatures.

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Book "Enigma by Ryan Southwick" floating in space amidst planets and ancient, alien trees

Dive into this exciting new adventure today!

Happy reading,

Ryan Southwick

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