One Man's Trash Now Available

Mechanical hand grabbing a coin over a pile of coins. Earth in the background.

One Man's Trash has just been released to all your favorite retailers!

"Awesome" and "adorable" are two ways readers have described this uplifting science fiction novella set in the Truck Stop at the Center of the Galaxy universe.

Croft is a spaceship mechanic. Maria runs a budding water trading business. It was love at first sight.

Sadly, somewhere over the last year, the magic disappeared from their relationship. Croft is determined to give it one last try, however, and has invested his life savings into a romantic vacation for two at the Truck Stop — a new tourist resort with the best view in the galaxy.

But things don't go quite as Croft planned. Their vacation starts with an autopilot failure that almost craters them against the space station, and only seems to get worse from there. A series of alien encounters keep them apart, sweeping them into the problems of another couple whose issues make Croft and Maria's seem miniscule.

Can the wonders of the Truck Stop save their relationship, or were Croft and Maria doomed from the start?