The Knifest Christmas

Book cover: The Knifest Christmas by Ryan Southwick

So, my NaNo project, The Knifest Christmas, is at 1,891 words. It might have been twice that had I not spent hours trolling through pictures for the cover, then messing with Photoshop for hours more to create a metallic effect for "Knifest". The result probably highlights why I'm not a professional designer. =] With any luck, this will become the first installment of The Adventures of Jayne Madison, a world-class spy who speaks a dozen languages and always saves the day. Look for more soon!

Well, soon-ish. Feedback for Book 2 of The Z-Tech Chronicles is due this week, and, once in hand, splitting it into 2 books will likely take the rest of my November. I consider it a worthy tradeoff, and hopefully you will, too.