What's Up - California Fires Edition

Map of wild fires in California
Source: The New York Times

Hope everyone affected by fires in CA is doing as well as you can! The smoke here is better today, thank goodness. Yesterday smelled like someone had lit a campfire in the middle of the guest bathroom. Today was clear enough that I braved the treadmill and walked a fast mile without getting unduly out of breath. At this point, though, I'm just happy to have a home.

If you're looking to help the thousands of displaced families across the state, this article has some great suggestions.

Apart from that, I've been busy with Book 2's upcoming launch—specifically the artwork. I really, really want to share the initial drafts with you because they're just that freakin' cool, but I think the wait will be worth it. =] Look for a cover reveal in late September!

Duovolt Art recently posted a wonderful review of Angels in the Mist, which includes this small snippet:

"At the heart of this enigmatic story is Southwick’s dedication to breathing life and dimension into the hero of the novel – Anne Perrin. Unlike so many storytellers introducing a heroine, Anne is not simply a hero wrapped in a feminine veneer. Southwick gives us a true-to-life protagonist who is, at the same time, on a classic hero’s journey of self-exploration, growth, and empowerment while also maintaining a genuine female perspective and truth."

For me, this highlighted a key aspect of the novel, and that is the genuineness of the heroine. Seeing this unprompted in print was completely awesome. Thanks, June, for the inspiring write-up. It's juiced me up to finish the current manuscript!

You can read more of Judy's review here: https://duovoltart.com/angels-in-the-mist-a-convergence-of-sci-fi-fantasy-adventure-and-modern-fiction/

Until next time, take care.