What's Up: February 2020 Edition

Silhouette of a frazzle-haired angel in a brick alley
Image credit: Richard Desmarais

What an exciting few months! Work has been keeping me busy, along with other fun distractions like family Frozen 2 night (didn’t quite live up to the first, but I enjoyed it). That of course hasn’t stopped the writing train!

I recently took Angels in the Mist down from all stores in preparation for a glorious re-launch from Water Dragon Publishing. The interior has been re-edited and re-formatted. The introductory chapters have been significantly revised, and there’s a brand-new cover with spectacular artwork and design that I can’t wait to show everyone! Look for the updated Amazon page and cover in the next few weeks. We’re aiming for a late spring launch.

In addition to that, I’ve submitted the first draft of The Z-Tech Chronicles Book 2, Angels Fall to the publisher, so that’s already in motion. Angels Fall is slated for a Fall 2020 release.

Book 3 ended up being ginormous, a 318,000 word / 700+ page monster, so I cleaved it with my pen sword in twain. The result was a little lopsided, with Book 3 in the 100k category, leaving over 200k for Book 4. I was hoping for a more even split, but after carefully examining the plot lines, I believe it’s the best reading experience I can deliver, which I hope you’ll agree.

But that’s not all! With all my current works waiting for feedback, my pen hand became restless, so I started a novella (or, at 40k words, a small novel, depending on your definition), exploring Zima’s origins at Z-Tech. I consider it a pre-sequel, since it occurs before the main timeline, but there are spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the first book. Hopefully it will be a fun read for anyone who’s read Angels in the Mist and was intrigued by Zima’s background.

Even more fun, I found a wonderful picture for the cover on Google. I contacted the artist, who’s been fantastically responsive. He’s excited about the book and has already made some great adjustments. Can’t wait to share with everyone! The working title is Zima: Origins. Look for it shortly after Angels in the Mist hits the shelves.

Apart from that, I’ve been beta reading for friends and some authors I met in a writing group. It’s such a pleasure to see the incredible writing talent out there. I wish I had more time to soak it all in.

Have a great March!