Zima: Origins First Draft Complete!

Book cover: Zima: Origins by Ryan Southwick

Feels like a marathon over the last several days—though I’ve never run one, nor really been out of my chair much this week…


At any rate, the first draft of Zima: Origins is finished! Weighing at 43k words / ~118 pages, it’s on the border between a novella and a novel. I really, really like the ending, and the stuff before it is kind of neat, too. =]

Zima: Origins is a prequel. Taking place 5 years before Anne meets Charlie, it’s best read after Angels in the Mist lest ye suffer the wrath of Captain Spoiler. It was fun exploring Zima’s turbulent past. She’s a trip to write about; her social awkwardness makes every interaction an adventure.

I’ll be looking for beta readers soon, so if you’re interested, shoot me a note!

You can also read more about it here: https://www.ryansouthwickauthor.com/zima-origins